Zoboomafoo Leapin’ Lemurs



Zoboomafoo: Leapin’ Lemurs! is a game based on the Kratt Brothers TV series Zoboomafoo. It’s Lemur Day for Zoboo, and he’s inviting all of his animal friends to his party, but there are no snacks for the party! With the help of his Zobooland friends, he travels to different lands in search of the snacks needed for the party, as well as his animal friends. He can also ride on the animal friends to collect unreachable snacks. In each level there is also an object that looks like a swirl. If Zoboo collects it and brings it to the exit, he can go to the Zobooland bonus level, where he must collect as many goobleberries as he can on the tall mountain and then feed the berries to Gooble.

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