World Destruction League: Thunder Tanks


(Complete) (Blue Disc)

ike Twisted Metal and Vigilante 8, the player must obtain “powerups” and defeat enemy vehicles, but must capture the enemy flags in order to win. However, all of the vehicles are tanks, hence its name. The game itself is short, making it quite unpopular among gamers. It was also one of the first PlayStation 2 titles to be released. It is considered a spiritual successor to the Battletanx series, since it has similar gameplay to that as well, and is made by the same company, The 3DO Company. Also a mototank from Battletanx: Global Assault can be seen in the opening title sequence, and many of the playable tanks are inspired or directly copied from Battletanx. A reversed M-80 (only in the PS1 version of Battletanx: Global Assault) can also be seen in game as the unplayable AI controlled Skorpion Bomb Tank.

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