Spyro Year of the Dragon (Greatest Hits)



Year of the Dragon is a platforming video game primarily played from a third person perspective. The main objective is to recover stolen dragon eggs which are scattered across 37 levels.[1] These eggs are hidden, or are given as rewards for completing certain tasks and levels. The worlds of Spyro are linked together by “homeworlds” or “hubs”, large worlds which contain gateways to many other levels. To proceed to the next hub, the character must complete five worlds, gather a certain number of eggs, and defeat a boss.[2]: 1–8  Players do not need to gather every egg to complete the main portion of the game or gain access to new levels; in fact, certain eggs can only be found by returning to the world at a later time. Gems are scattered across the worlds, hidden in crates and jars. These gems are used to bribe a bear named Moneybags to release captured characters and activate things which help Spyro progress through levels. Gems, along with the number of eggs collected, count to the total completion percentage of the game.[2]: 8 

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