Seek and Destroy



In the world of Quewar, three nations held power over all others: the powerful and militaristic Q-Stein Empire, the seafaring and peaceful Kingdom of Nibelia, and the economically powerful and benevolent Proton Kingdom. In August 210, the Q-Stein Empire declared war and started a campaign of world conquest. With its powerful military and effective blitz tactics, the Empire conquered surrounding nations one after another without giving them a chance to fight back. The Q-Stein Empire soon expanded its invasion to the Proton Kingdom. The military power of the Proton Kingdom wasn’t as great as that of the Q-Stein Empire. However, due to their well-organized and controlled government, they were ready to respond to Q-Stein’s declaration of war. In November 210, the Q-Stein Empire started their invasion of the Proton Kingdom and won a first decisive battle. To match Q-Stein military power, the Proton Kingdom organized a partisan group as a support unit for the regular army. The power of the two sides equalized, showing signs of a long war. However, in March 211, the Proton forces weakened and began to retreat south. Q-Stein troops forced the Proton King to flee the capital and go into hiding. In spite of them holding only twenty percent of their territory, the Proton troops never give up on hope.

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