Grand Theft Auto (Greatest hits)



Grand Theft Auto is made up of six levels split between three main cities; each locale is based on a real-life city in the United States, with an alternative name: Liberty City (New York City), San Andreas (San Francisco), and Vice City (Miami). The progression is linear, as each level completed automatically unlocks the next one in the chain. Players begin a game choosing a character from among eight—four in the PlayStation version—and naming them, though the choice is purely aesthetic, and does not affect the overall gameplay.[10] In each level, the player’s ultimate objective is to reach a target number of points, which starts at $1,000,000 but becomes higher in the later levels,[11] and then reach the level’s “goal” to complete the stage. The player is free to do whatever they want,[12] but have limited lives upon doing so. Points can be gained from anything, such as causing death and destruction amid the traffic in the city, completing special challenges, or stealing and selling cars for profit. However, the more typical means to achieve their target is to perform tasks for the level’s local crime syndicate. Jobs can be initiated by visiting and touching a ringing telephone box, with each level’s set of jobs on offer being unique.[11]

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