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The story takes place in a fictional land known as the Crystal Kingdom, where a wizard rules from his Crystal Castle, which is surrounded by six portals leading into other worlds, including the lost city of Atlantis, a circus park, a pirate’s domain, a prehistoric era, a horror-themed fortress and outer space. The life force of the kingdom is maintained by seven magical crystals that rest atop the spires of Crystal Castle. The wizard himself is accompanied by a pair of magical, sentient gloves named Glover and Glovel, who assist him in creating strange potions and spells.

Then one day, the wizard accidentally mixes the wrong batch of potions in his cauldron, causing a large explosion that turns wizard into a statue and sends his gloves flying. The left glove, Glovel, lands in the cauldron while the right glove, Glover, flies out the window and lands onto the ground outside the castle. The explosion also shakes the crystals from the spires, causing the land to become dark and foreboding. Before they could shatter upon impact, Glover quickly casts magic to turn the crystals into rubber balls. One of the balls remains in the kingdom while the other six bounce into each of the portals. Glover realizes that in order to bring the wizard back to life and restore the kingdom’s beauty, he must enter these worlds, find the crystals within them and bring them back to the castle. However, Glovel had been corrupted by the cauldron’s chemicals and becomes “Cross-Stitch”, a malevolent trickster who is determined to destroy Glover and rule the Crystal Kingdom for himself.[7][8]

Glover traverses from realm to realm and must protect the rubber balls at all costs while bring them back home.[8] As he does, Cross-Stitch attempts to thwart him by setting traps and creating monsters, but Glover is able to overcome these obstacles with his magical skills and retrieve the crystals. He is also aided by a living hat named Mr. Tip, who offers hints during Glover’s quest. The Crystal Kingdom is gradually restored to its former state with each crystal returned to the castle. In the final realm, Glover fights Cross-Stitch in a giant robot fight and emerges victorious, sending Cross-Stitch flying.

After the last crystal is brought back, they all return to the castle spires where they belong. Thus, the wizard is finally returned to flesh and the kingdom is fully restored to normal. As he and Glover take in the sights, Cross-Stitch lands right in front of them. Glover then jumps back onto his master’s hand and beckons Cross-Stitch to do so as well. Cross-Stitch attempts to run away, but the wizard casts a spell that turns him back into Glovel. He then puts Glovel back on and all three of them celebrate with a double thumbs up.[9]

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