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Disney Golf, known in Japan as Disney Golf Classic (ディズニーゴルフクラシック, Dizunī Gorufu Kurashikku), is a Disney sports game developed by T&E SOFT and the spiritual successor to Swing Away Golf, which was also developed by T&E Soft. The game is similar to Mario Golf, even though some animations are different from those in Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour. It was released in Japan by Capcom on May 30, 2002. A localised version by Disney Interactive and Electronic Arts was shown at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in the same year and was eventually released in North America in October, and later in Europe in December, locally distributed by Electronic Arts in the country and published by Disney Interactive. It was later re-released in Europe in 2005 with distribution done through Disney, alongside other games. It was the fifth golf game to be made for the system.

The game features nine characters to play as or against on a choice of six different courses. The characters are Donald Duck, Goofy, Minnie Mouse, Morty Mouse, Mortimer Mouse, Daisy Duck, Pete, Ludwig Von Drake, and Max. The six fictitious courses include American, Western, Mountain, Tropical, European, and the special Sky Course. Players can also earn tokens while on the links by achieving long putts, perfect swings, and chip-ins, which the tokens can be spent on one of 62 items. The game is unusual for the fact that Mickey Mouse is not playable unlike other Disney games, rather he is the golf caddy. One of Mickey’s twin nephews who originated in comics, Morty Mouse, is playable in his place.

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