Crash Bash (Greatest hits)



Crash Bash is a party video game featuring eight playable characters with differing powers and skills: Crash, Coco, Tiny, Dingodile, Cortex, Brio, Koala Kong, and newcomer Rilla Roo.[1][2] The gameplay consists of 28 different mini-games divided into seven categories with multiple variations each.[3][4] The categories consist of: “Ballistix”, in which players pilot hovercraft to deflect steel balls away from their goal; “Polar Push”, in which players riding polar bear cubs must knock opponents off of an icy arena; “Pogo Pandemonium”, in which players navigate a grid on pogo sticks to paint squares with their color; “Crate Crush”, in which players throw or kick stone crates at their opponents to deplete their health and eliminate them from play; “Tank Wars”, a tank battle involving mines and missiles; “Crash Dash”, a multi-lap race on a circular track; and “Medieval Mayhem”, a variety of challenges played within a circular arena.[5] Crash Bash includes multiplayer compatibility for up to four human players with the use of the PlayStation Multitap.[6]

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