Casper A Hunting 3DC



The future of the spirit world is in your hands.

Spiral into phantom dimensions and travel to mysterious realms that are populated by ghosts of the past, present, and future–all possessed by the evil Kibosh. Use your powers of flight and fright to become the quickest, smartest, and most powerful ghost in the Spirit Dimension!

Casper puts you in control of the popular friendly ghost and drops you into Whipstaff Manor, the crumbling abode featured in the motion picture of the same name. As Casper, it’s your task to assemble the Lazarus, a machine with the interesting purpose of turning ghosts into people. As you float and flit around the manor, you’ll encounter Casper’s mischievous uncles who wish to stop him from achieving his plans. Help Casper search for various keys to accomplish the task, as many things lay hidden in the mysterious mansion. Casper is a challenging game meant for younger fans of the character or movie.

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